The History Behind the penguin.

PenguinSoup is a small, independent home-based yarn studio located in Toronto, Canada. Our inspiration comes mainly from Geek and Pop culture, but we also draw from nature, architecture, and the world around us.

Ginny is the mastermind behind PenguinSoup. The brand started as a blog that allowed Ginny to share her adventures in knitting with her family once she moved to a different province. A few years later she decided to start a video podcast so her grandmother would be able to see and hear her from afar.

Through the podcast, Ginny met so many wonderful people who eventually encouraged her to start dyeing. Once she started, that was it. Dyeing became her passion and she developed most of her own dyeing techniques in order to express the colours in a way that she saw them in her minds eyes.


Ginny’s passion is accurately capturing a scene or the essence of a character through colour. She prides herself in using colour, stripes, and different dyeing techniques to bring these colours to life.

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