What to Expect

First off, I wanted to thank you for your continued support and friendship throughout the years. I know that as I’ve gone through some big life events and dropped off the map for a bit, I’ve had some of you reach out to see if I’m ok or to just catch up. I wanted to let you know that I appreciate that more than anything. It means a lot that I’ve made such good friends from hosting the podcast and selling yarn and really just being myself. So thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

After my separation and move back to Ontario, it was hard to keep my business going. I moved in with my dad and turned my sister’s old room into my office. I would prep skeins, warp and prepare orders from that office. I would then carry my wool down the street to my moms for dyeing as she had the better kitchen set up with much more counter space. At my moms I would dye the yarn and let it dry and then carry it back down the street.

This back and fourth happened all summer and winter and into 2016 where I prepped all of my product for the Stockinette Zombie ZK show in this way. It was a lot of effort and while I had the support of my family, I didn’t have the support of my significant other. He was so upset that I was going on a trip to the states for my business. And not because it was dangerous for me to go alone, but because he wasn’t going to. He didn’t want to go to help me or set up, he wanted a free trip and said he would roam the city while I worked on my business.

Because of this relationship, we ended up moving four times in the span of a year and a half. During these times, my dyeing things were packed away and when I had the chance to start up again, it didn’t really seem worth the effort because he was so against it and so unsupportive. It was during this time that I realized that I was in an abusive and controlling and tried to leave. The first few times he just said “no” so I eventually packed up and moved back in with my dad.

I was then offered a fulltime position with benefits for my day job, which I had been working towards for three years. I had to move to the GTA, which is rather expensive, and my ex at the time was going to be homeless so I felt bad. I made the decision to try one more time and moved in with him again. This peace only lasted about two or three months and I had to figure out how to either move again, or have him finally leave me.

Thankfully, this whole mess is finally over. I’ve met a wonderful man who is supportive and takes pride in my love for fluff. He’s encouraged me to go back into dyeing because he could see from my podcast that it was something that I truly loved. I told him that it was a lot of work and that I didn’t think I could do it with working full-time and trying to run a business and keep my interaction up with all of you.

This wonderful man said he wanted to help me with PenguinSoup. He was excited to learn how to dye and he was excited to take on this venture with me. Well, guys, I brought this wonderful man to a LYS to teach him about the different weights of yarn, the different amount of plies, the twist, and the different fibers. I encouraged him to squish as I told him what it was made from, what weight and how many plies. Not only did he listen, and care about what I was saying, but he sheepishly went to rub a particularly soft skein on his cheek. He even asked if it was allowed. This was the total right reaction and I know he’s a great fit for me and a great fit in someone I can trust to help me run this business.

So now that you know a bit about me and what happened to me these last few years. I’ll tell you what my goals are and what you can expect from us and how the new site will work.

The Site

This site is really awesome and it has a few features that I wanted to tell you about.

Currency Conversion
If you are in Canada then you’ll see prices in Canadian dollars and be able to pay in Canadian dollars as to not have to pay for any currency conversion fee. The Canadian prices are set by a fixed percentage so when our dollar tanks, you’ll still pay the same amount. You can also shop at the url!

If you are anywhere else in the world the prices will be in USD. Even though I’m a Canadian, I realize that the vast majority of my customers are from the USA so I have set my site to allow USD so you don’t have to do math to figure out the prices and won’t have to pay a currency conversion rate either.

I’ve added a wishlist feature that I thought was really cool. You can now make an account and add items to your wishlist. You can share this wishlist with others too. Just a small feature that I thought was a great addition.

Cart Hold Feature
I know a lot of you are familiar with bigger dyers and any Etsy seller and being cart-jacked. This site has a 5 minute window from adding a product into your cart to allow you to finished check out. This means that once a product is in your cart, its safe!

My Commitments

I’m hoping to have a monthly update for now of a few products here and there. I’m working on eventually getting to bi-weekly updates.

I’m hoping that this fall I’ll be able to offer clubs and regular amount of stock again. I’ve had a few LYS reach out and want to host me at trunk shows and carry my product so stay tuned for that.

I’m hoping to be able to blog at least once a week and I’m hoping to do at least a biweekly podcast again. As for social media, I’m most active on Instagram and will try to post there a few times a week. Anything PenguinSoup shop related will be a post, but personal images and wips that aren’t done in PenguinSoup yarn will be posted to my story. I hope you’ll enjoy the new format.

I really hope that you enjoy the new site! I’m so glad to be back and so glad to have added a new penguin to the flock to help out. You guys will get to meet him soon enough. I hope you’ll send me a message and let me know what you think of the site.

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