All Work and no Knitting

Why yes, I am still alive. I know it was hard to tell from the random, horribly advertised updates and the sporadic podcasts. So yes, this is another update post because I figured it was about time to fill you in on my goings on and sadly there hasn’t been a lot of knitting. I’ve lost the itch and am having a hard time relaxing with knitting because I should/could be working.

First off, I’ve switched locations at EB and the one I’m at now may have more hours but it’s in flux. We’re waiting for an employee to become assistant manager and when that happens we can have a standard schedule. If the assistant manager comes from a different store or out of company then it goes back into flux. Hopefully in the next few weeks the schedule can become a bit more standard and we can have regular VKN’s again.

I’ve started seeing someone and that’s taken up a bit of time, like new relationships do. But work and yarn are taking over because I have plans for the future and need to save up.

I had an awesome yarn event at True North Yarn Co. in Barrie, Ontario. I was on the news and met a lot of great people and sold some squishy yarn. They’d like me to come back in October for I Love Yarn Day and I can’t wait as this event was great exposure and they are an amazing bunch of people to work with. They’ve officially become the first store to carry my yarns and they will have a mix of colourways and a few exclusive self striping colourways but will carry mostly tonal and some variegated.

I’m just kind of generally stressed and overworked and really cannot wait to have a regular schedule so I can plan weekends and have a rest for myself. I really miss a schedule and could also really use a maid for a weekend… and a pedicure and a massage, maybe a nice bottle of wine and a movie night. Or maybe, just maybe, to be bitten by the knitting bug again. Winter is coming and I should have my summer tank top finished before then, and maybe a sweater too.

Look for some delayed ipsy bag reviews, news on VKNs, and regular updates coming soon!

P.S. I also have blue hair 🙂

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