Episode 57: Not a Fancypants, Just Snobby

Arenaria by Kerin Dimeler-Laurence
Knit Picks Comfy Fingering in Parchment

Strib hat by Kelly P. Williams
PenguinSoup Antarctic Worsted SW

Ankle PPSS
PenguinSoup Royal MCN in Miho

Tuxedo Sock in Punk’n

Ginny Cardigan by Mari Chiba
Dream in Color Classy in Grey Tabby

Wedding Orchids
373 yds of laceish

Whats Next?:
Dragonfly Wings by Boo Knits

Cool Stuff:
I ordered 4 plastic feet!

GG Socks free from Carolyn MacPherson
Code: Rainbow Dash

Questions prize:
Stormtrooper cookie cutter
lip balm
30g custom mini skein
Winner – MontyKnitz

Yarn Remaning:
Suggested Happy Feet
AND maybe you can have a category for your odd skeins, or ones that didn’t dye as expected and play tribute to Isabelline penguins…which is a penguin that is born with brown plumage rather than black. different from the term albino, they have shorter life spans (probably due to lack of camouflage) and sadly are usually passed over for mating. poor penguin!!!
groups of young penguins are called crèches, if you sell batches of mini skeins….maybe they can be called that? 😀
this is too much fun, by the way. i have always loved penguins, so researching them recently has been uber fun.
Wins a skein of yarn custom or other.

Jane Austen Knits 2015

Jordana Paige L.J. Kaelms – $50
Jordana Paide Bella $35
Stanwood jumbo ballwinder – $40

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Site revamp
New Site ASAP
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Podcast and Vlog alternation every Sunday. Podcast on weeks without updates.
Newsletters every Monday before the update
Blog posts every Wednesday and Mondays without updates.

Yarn Porn!
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Come Connect with Me

By the Wayside

I’m writing this today because I have to. It says it right here in my planner. See?

Right there. Monday the 8th. Blog. And I really don’t mean this in a bad way or in a sense that I don’t want to talk to you. Blogging is such a great medium and I love how easy it is for me to express my thoughts and I really do love it. The only issue with it is that it’s easily forgotten if you don’t make time for it, or if you don’t use your planner..

I’ve let my planner use fall by the wayside while my shop was down. It wasn’t because I didn’t have anything to put in it or any plans to make. It was more that the planner was a reminder of how far behind I was with everything PenguinSoup, so I simply avoided it. I buried my head in the sand like another flightless bird and pretended it didn’t exist. I actually lost my planner for a short time! And if you know me at all, that this is hugely uncharacteristic.

As I’ve put the effort into getting my shop off the ground again I’ve found that I cannot live without my planner again. In fact, I might have to go back to one for personal and  my A5 for business again. It’s my lifeline and my way of life at the same time. It hold my work schedule (which is random) and I can base my weekly shop duties around that. If I didn’t plot out my weeks like this there would never be any updates (not like there have been lately). My planner also holds my long terms o dos, goals, dye inspiration, bills, ect.

Now that everything is working cohesively again, I feel like I’ll be able to have something that more resembles a schedule than a chance happening. Here’s a quick run down of what to expect. I’m going to try it for February and March and see how it goes.

  • Updates bi-weekly. Every 1st and 3rd Friday at 3pm EST.
  • A Vlog style video bi-weekly on the Sunday following the Update.
  • A Podcast bi-weekly on weeks without an update.
  • Blog posts every Wednesday and on Mondays without an update.
  • A bi-weekly Monday newsletter on weeks with updates.
I know this is a bit of an odd schedule, but I feel like it will work for both you and I. Laying it out like this will allow for some structure in my calendar while getting you the info you need about my shop and other goings on; you will hopefully have a regular amount of content that you feel is both valuable and entertaining. This is the goal anyways.

I look forward to blogging again Wednesday. 

Happy Crafting,