Changes Ahead

I’ve done a lot of thinking (since yesterday) and I think there are a few a lot of changes that need to come into play in the new year.

The first change will be to this blog. I believe a new template is in order (and I think I’ve found one). The current one is starting to get a bit stale and while all of the picture and slider options are nice, my camera just doesn’t cut it. The quality of the photos is bringing the blog down, so that needs to be done away with.

The second change will be in preparation for yet another. After this blog is looking great, I’ll go over to wordpress and work on implementing a pretty blog over there and then importing blogger to wordpress. Once this massive undertaking is over, I can then look into upgrading to a premium account and/or getting a server to host my blog and podcast myself. These last changes will most likely happen much later in the year or maybe even the next year.

My ballbands will be redesigned with special club specific ball bands. There will be special holiday balbands to go with holiday themed yarns.

I will be looking into a few more fun details like a personalized stamp, buttons, stitch markers, maybe new stickers. Pretty much a packaging facelift as well.

Lots of new plans in motion, I just have to find the time to get to them!

I’m Late!

The Christmas season is upon us and I haven’t listed any of my Christmas colourways in the shop. I’m really very late with that. I’m also late with listing the Hunger Games colourways and with advertising for the Quarterly Club sign up that’s coming up soon.

I also promised to start blogging regularly starting in September, then October and then as soon as I was settled. Well, apparently, I never really got settled. Ever since school started and the house hunt started everything else has been put on hold. My shop updates stopped, my VKN’s stopped, I became really distant and formal on Ravelry and my blogging never picked up again.

I will no apologize (again) because you don’t need to hear it, and well, I’m not super sorry. I am sorry that I misled you and myself into believing that things would get better or things would become easy. Well, being a full time student, running a home business, and trying to podcast and keep up a relationship with your husband is really a lot of work. I had no idea how much work it was really.

These past few months have been me just trying to keep afloat. I had planned to hand in assignments a week early, blog, podcast, vkn, and do updates weekly as well. That’s a laugh! When I started getting overwhelmed, I just stopped. I cutout everything (including school for a bit) and just tried to regain myself. When that happened, I added in school again. It is getting easier now.

I have big plans for the new year. I will start Quarterly Clubs and Monthly Un-clubs. I will also plan podcasts and blogs and schedule vkns. I know this sounds like a whole lot, but if I start treating my job as an actual job, then things should change.

My plan is to schedule my time much better than I was before. PenguinSoup is my job and I need to treat is as thus.

Heres hoping to a more organized new year and thanks for sticking with me,

Episode 30: Meet Sam!

PPSS fo Ji
2.5mm 9” circ

Hopsalots x3
Cascase 220 in pink and green
US11 needles

Hitchhiker Shawl by Martina Behm
PS Balloon Room Tuxedo Glitz
US 3 24”circs

knit-night hat by Judy Marples
Lornas Laces Runs w/Horses

Camp Out fingerless Mitts by Tante Ehm
Noro Kureyon 254

Hitchhiker by Martina Behm
Fruity Oaty Bar from Mad Color
3.25mm needle

HO: PPSS for Lucy
Beachcomber from KirbyWirby
2.5mm 9” circ

Silk Moon Crescent Shawlette- Jaala Spiro
Universal Classic Shades Chili Peppers
US9 24” circs

No Felt Mohawk Hat – Amy Gillespie
Lion Brand Hometown USA
US13 40” circs

What’s Next?
Determination Hat by Elly
Cascase 220 heathers
pattern specified needle

Swatching for the Brando sweater Kal of Rohn Strongs
Berroco Vintage DK  Petunia
US 4 US6 24” circs – pattern recommended

Finished spinning 100% SW BFL Wedding Orchids from Unwind Fiber Co. Need to plt the last 50%

Samantha: None 🙁

Mail Call:
Woolsundae bags
slipped stitch studios
elly’s fiber

Penguin Soup Yarn!! Colorful cord locks and Christmas fabrics on the way

Cool Stuff:

I’m on a podcast! Other than that I’m lame

Group Stuff:

Just started a Rav group, yeah. Also have FB and love instagram.


Samantha:    New xmas colors and preorders for worsted xmas yarn up on tuesday     

Episode 28: A little to the left

Episode 28: A little to the left from PenguinSoup on Vimeo.

Despicable Spirals by PenguinSoup
in Despicable on Tuxedo Glits base from PenguinSoup
2.25mm 9″ circs

Boo! Socks. PPSS
Boo! on Shiny Falkland from PenguinSoup

Hitchhiker by Martina Behm
Fruity Oaty Bars from Mad Color
2.5mm 9″ circs

So Square Socks for Ji

What’s next?
Scarf for Gord
And now my watch begins from PenguinSoup

Finished 1/2 of Wedding Orchids on 100$ SW BFL from Unwind Fiber Company

Review Something!
Ply Issue #2

Rainbow KAL
Can be started before November, but must be finished by November 30.

Mail call:
Rak from C.C
Rak from Shannon
A5 Dividers
hole punch

Winner for the October kal announced

Quarterly themes up for vote
Monthly themes starting again in January
Girl on Fire available. Only 4 and made to order.