A Short Thankyou

I’m moving on Saturday, and while I’m not nearly finished packing, and my homework assignments aren’t done haven’t been started, I’m not in a panic. Well, I was yesterday, but that’s was yesterday and today is today.

I have finally gotten my personal filofax and I have utilized the space and immediately came up with a system that works for me. I have used it to plot out homework assignments, birthdays, podcasts, blogs, vkns, shop udates, and most recently, my room packing schedule. I’ve been waiting for this for well over a month now and I can already see immediate improvement.

I’m sorry I was so unorganized before, with random vkns, shop uptdates, podcasts, and blogs. I was trying to find a system that worked for me while trying to manage about a billion things with a new business and going back to school and work. I’ve finally found something that works, and I can’t wait to have a routine schedule.

I wanted to say thank you to those of you who sent me messages of encouragement. Those who were ok to wait a little longer for their order, or those who were fine waiting a few extra days, or a week, to post another podcast. A big thank you to those of you who told me not to worry about anything and to focus on school and the move, and those of you who told me it was ok, and I should relax. I’m finally taking your advice and trying not to stress out. This, along with finally being organized, has brought me a sense of peace. (Although, I’m sure I’ll be panicking Friday and Saturday) But I now know that I’ll make it through. It will probably be unorganized and a huge mess, but it will still happen and everything will be ok.

Thank you,

Episode 25: Organized

Cheated and started Halloween Socks.

None! Just packed boxes

Peggy is in the new house and she broke! The leather connecting the treadle to the shaft came undone. I can get some new leather, but I have no idea how to tie it. Help please!

Review Something:
Product Review!                              
Knit Picks Swift:

  • Noisy
  • Peg looses wood and no longer holds swift up
  • Constantly drops it’s load
  • Not a “Quality Swift” and not worth the money. Spend a bit more to get better swift

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Episode 24: Ain’t Nobody Got Time For Dat

Beachcomber from KW Yarns

Black ice from KW Yarns


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Mad Color Shipment

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  • Regularly scheduled VKN’s can happen now!!
    Poll in the Ravelry gorup
    Monday or Wednesday and around what time
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  • Moving

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