Episode 20: Hey, Dianne

Episode 20: Hey, Dianne from PenguinSoup on Vimeo.

PPSS w/ short row heel
Watermelon Wiggle on BFL Twister from Hiwassee Creek
2.5mm 9” circ

Arenaria Tank by

KP Comfy Cotton in Parchment

KWY handspun

PS I love you
Wild Child Fairy from KWY
2.25mm 9” circ

Cabletini socks by Wendy Johnson in Knit Picks Stroll Tonals
2.25mm magic loop Addi Lace Turbo

Texelle Shawl by Brenda Lavell in Phydeaux Yarns Beurre DK in Ghost
US 8 (5mm) 40” Ebony Lantern Moon

Socks on a Plane by Laura Linneman in Biscotte & Cie in the Purple Rain colorway
2.5mm magic loop Addi Lace Turbo

TTL Mystery Shawl 2013 (Germinate)
Malabrigo Arroyo in 3 colors

Dyeabolical rolags on drop spindle
What’s Next?
PS I love you on PS i love you

Chance of Showers with Madelinetosh Pashmina
Review Something
Mail Call
Hiyahiya sharp interchangeables
puppy snips
darning needles
yarn shipment

Hedgehog Fibres
Madelinetosh Pashmina
bag from my mom
Cool Stuff
Ordered some awesome geeky shirts
Shoot it and How to write it craftsy classes
Ordered 2 jessalu bags! a large big damn heros bag and a regular downton abbey

Opening Wednesday!!!
Got my shipment of yarn in so I can get to dyeing again.
Waiting on my warping board for gradients
Next update TBA
Halloween colours next!

TdF Winners!
Amybernheardt wins fiber for most posts

63- knittywittyshelly wins her choice of needle case or bag
48- chain of fools wins next choice
61- notnotknitting wins 3rd choice

Kick Butt

I’ve joined the colo-rectal cancer run in winnipeg. If you feel like donating I’ll provide the link in the show notes. I’ll do a drawing from the donaters and give away a few skeins of yarn.

Random Saturday

Ji and I have been feeling a bit under the weather for the past few days so nothing has gotten done. I haven’t even gotten much of my yarny work done, which is pretty lazy on my part. I have had a bit of time for knitting though which is a nice change to the past few weeks. I started on and got a good inch and a half done on my Arenaria tank. For the size I’m making, the bottom hem is supposed to be about 35″ around. I didn’t measure, but I “tried it on” and I’m pretty sure it was closer to 45 or 50″ around. It was massive! I even did a gauge swatch and blocked it and the swatch said I would be half a stitch too small! I’ll try not to get into my rage about gauge swatches, but I’ll have to do another one.

I pulled out my Wild Child Fair from KirbyWirby yarns and set to designing. I tried a bunch of different stitch patterns and found what I like. I’m pretty sure I’ve knit a whole sock once, but it’s been all ripped out so I have nothing to show for it. Well, not nothing exactly. I do have a rough pattern written up. I just need to type it up and make it look pretty and get some lovely people to test my design out for me while I knit up my version for photos. This is my goal for this week.

Today was the first day Ji and I were feeling a bit better so we went to see R.I.P.D. it was pretty ridiculous but I had a few good hours of movie theatre knitting time. I ended up stopping about 30 minutes form the end because I thought I had dropped a stitch. It’s a good thing I did because it turns out I had dropped a stitch about an inch below. I now have a tight vertical row up my sock from where I picked up the stitch but it doesn’t really bother me. I might try to even it out later or just hope it loosens up a bit with blocking.

I realized this post is very here and there and random, but the title was a warning.

Also, these arrived 😀


Tour de Fleece Updates

Well, there really isn’t anything to update you on since I haven’t really been spinning. I’ve spun a wee little bit, but nothing enough to show you or to even really count. I’m kind of ashamed of myself but I have good reasons many many excuses to try to appease you.

  1. I have a job and am working to make money to fund the start up of my store (I don’t work that much at all at that job)
  2. I’m busy knitting to try to show you something for the podcast (I know, I can show spinning as well)
  3. I have been busy dyeing new yarns for the update and even fiber for the winner of TdF too! (I spent one day dyeing since TdF started)
  4. I have been putting all of my time and effort into the opening of this store. (This one is true)
Got to love how I’m debunking all of my excuses except for the last one. The last one is really true. Now you’re probably saying “how much time can it take.. really?” and the answer is a lot. There’s dyeing (long process) taking pictures and editing them, writing product info, setting up the store. I’ve recently gotten my logo so I’ve ordered everything I need now and can open soon, but this means I have to resize it to about 5 or 6 different sizes for each social media site. (I forgot about youtube, that’s next)
In truth, I am just about done everything with the shop and am super excited to open.
(If you haven’t heard yet, the date is July 31 @ 4:00pm CST) and this means that I’ll have more time for blogging (like now) knitting, and even spinning! (That is, until my next batch of yarn arrives awaiting a colour transformation)
I’m thinking I might do my own mini TdF where I’ll have a goal to spin every day for a week or two. But we’ll see how everything pans out.
**A huge thanks to those who have been participating and posting in the PenguinSoup TdF group! There will be prizes! Fiber, bad, maybe a needle case. We shall see! 

Episode 19: Katie to the Rescue

Episode 19: Katie to the Rescue! from PenguinSoup on Vimeo.

PPSS w/ heel turn
Hiwassee Creek’s Watermelon Wiggle on BFL Twister
2.5mm needle


Lace cardi by Debbie Bliss
Debbie Bliss rialto lace silver
3mm and 3.75mm

Elefante by Susan B Anderson
KP chroma roller rink
3.5mm dpns and crochet hook

Changeling sock from the enchanted sole book by Janel laidman
fyberspates sock bluefaced yarn grenada
2.5mm 80cm circ

my first afterthought heel sock!



My first 100g fibre plied on bobbin
Started fondant fibre rolags
What’s Next?
Arenaria Tank
Wild Child
PS I Love you socks

turtle smash!

Review Something!
The Knitter issue 60

First issue of Ply!

Fondant fibres
Goodies from Ginny!
Cool Stuff:
I’ll talk about it in my dyeing section
2 VKN’s two weeks in a row!
thursday 18 @ 1:00pm cst
thursday 25 @ 7:00pm cst
I got a spinning wheel!
Signed up for yarn club and fibre club

Dyeing/Store Updates
  • Grand Opening Date: July 31 @ 4:00pm CST
  • Sign up for the newsletter and recieve 10% grand opening week.
    • Sign up on the blog or the fb page
  • Like us on FB for 10% off your first order with us!
  • The store is almost finished!
  • Banners and display pics should be updated everywhere.

New Ball bands!


Birthday Day

Today, July 15th is the double whammy of birthdays. My grandmother, Nana, is fortunate enough to be born right smack in the middle of summer and it makes me slightly jealous. (January 1st doesn’t bode well for sandal lovers)

I have fond memories of spending lots of time during those hot, sunny days either on the front deck so we could be cooled by a breeze, or on the back patio if the breeze was too strong. I always loved Nana’s birthday because it usually meant a sunny day outside playing with my cousins or grandpa, Pese, bbq, or chips from the local diner, going for a drive or walk to see the boats, playing at the playground, and ice cream. There was most certainly ice cream involved.

The past few years I have been living away from home and haven’t been able to visit Nana for her birthday. I always try to call and send a card or something, but it just isn’t the same as my fondest memories of her birthday is spending time with her.

Happy Birthday to my wonderful grandmother. I am so lucky to have you in my life. You’ve always been there for me wether I needed a ride, saving, a place to stay, or just to talk. I am so fortunate to have a Nana like you and hope you have a wonderful birthday even though I can’t be there.


Over the past five year there has been another person to share the same birthday as my wonderful Nana. My husband, Ji is also born on the same day. The first few birthday’s of his we shared together were over shadowed by Nana’s birthday, but I’ve been working hard to correct this.

I think this year will be a real winner. For one, I got him to best, coolest, most thoughtful gifts I could think of. They are portal, mario and pac man, zelda, and whiskey related. All awesome, and manly things.You can’t go wrong with those gifts.

Secondly, I am not making his cake this year. The past few years I’ve tried to make his cake from scratch and either the cake was too dry or the icing was too hard. And apparently, I do not possess the necessary skills to properly ice a cake so it comes out as a mangles, crumbly mess that is neither appetizing, delicious. I’m taking the extra safe route and going with a dairy queen cake! This can’t be a surprise since I don’t drive (yet) and it’s much too hot to take an ice cream cake on the bus.

There will be a meal at home, and then I’m taking him somewhere special that I can’t mention incase he reads this (but I doubt he will) But it’s something he’s wanted to try for a long time.

Happy birthday to my handsome, hairy husband. I love you and hope to spend many more birthdays with you and make them more and more awesome each year.

Episode 18: I’m Back

E18 from PenguinSoup on Vimeo.

KW Handspun

PPSS w/ srh
BLF Twister Sock in Watermelon Wiggle from Hiwassee Creek

PPSS w/ gusset
KW Skating Rink 1987

PPSS w/short row heel
KW Snazzy

What’s Next?
PenguinSoup Socks
Wild Child Fairy
Canopy design socks
Arenaria Tank

Jordana Paige Bella

  • Well Constructed
  • Flat bottom with feet
  • middle divider
  • yarn loops
  • Floppy, can’t keep anything in the front row of pockets without them falling out
  • floppy, wallet falls out of the middle divided
  • small
Mad Color shipment! Fall of the 11th and jessalu bag
Unwind Fiber Co
Yarn store sale

Cool Stuff:
I ordered Ply magazine
Ordered HiyaHiya Sharp Interchangeable

Yarn winder broke. Need to contact KP and see if they will replace and try to order a new swift as

Dyeing/Store Updates:

  • I’m not using etsy. They shop url will be http://penguin-soup.com
  • The blog will now be http://blog.penguin-soup.com
  • In progress of setting up the show
  • Waiting for ballwinder to finish dyeing
  • Newsletter goes out next week. If you sign up you’ll get 10% off the first week we’re open
  • Paired with a 5% coupon for being a new liker on facebook!

Updates!! Again

I’m sorry I’ve been kind of away for the past few weeks. Things have gotten busy and a lot of tiny details needed work. Here’s a quick list of what’s going on.

1. The blog (if you haven’t noticed) now has a subdomain. You can find it at blog.penguin-soup.com. This is because I want my store known as my main site since you can get blog links there.

2. My shop is up! penguin-soup.com (ish) I am still working on it so it is very rough and I’ll be working on it throughout the next week or so. I wanted it up so it could get some traffic and you can check out the new digs. I have the first five skeins I’ve dyed listed as “coming soon”. There is some information on the store site that I wanted you to see though. Such as:

3. Such as my Newsletter promo! Now on the blog in the upper left hand corner there is a place to put in your e-mail address and sign up for the newsletter. I’ll talk about shop updates, give previews, and release special, newsletter only coupon codes so sign up!

4. I now have an info@penguin-soup.com e-mail address. If you want a quick way to contact me this is how. (Or ravelry) There is a “contact” spot on the store that you can click and fill out if you have any questions, store related or not.

5. My photography sucks

6. Yes, this is late, but I’m not using etsy for my store. Sorry. You can check out through paypal with the new one.

7. I’m still waiting on my logo. This is why the banner in the shop now is stock and the pictures in the slider looks really lame. Also, my photography sucks.

8. I was fighting with the domains all morning and this means the show won’t be recorded until tomorrow morning, and then hopefully uploaded that evening.

9. No, I haven’t started spinning yet. Maybe I’ll have time this week. We’ll see.

10. Special guest on the podcast next week!!