Puppy er… Love

Last week my goal for Today was to publish my first video podcast. The sudden addition of a very tiny and leaky crocodile has postponed that for now. My new goal for a video podcast is for Friday. I’m just worried there won’t be a whole lot to talk about knitting wise because there hasn’t been a lot of time to knit.

Yesterday was a complete disaster training wise. He refused to use the training pads and decided that the new rug was the best bathroom. He also decided that my Macbook power cable was the best chew toy possible. He nibbles like a crocodile and dribbles like a leaky faucet! I understand that puppies are puppies and they are teething and can’t hold it and don’t know better and a number of other things, but I also had to wonder if I was doing something wrong.

I read many many pages on obedience training online and received numerous other instructions from friends and family. As I tried to take it all in while I attempted to tame the wild beast (of fluff) I came to a realization, which may have happened around the 4th or 5th piddle on the floor. I realized that I had to assess my own situation and decide which methods would work best for us. And this has been a success!

Since making my own decisions on puppy training methods we have yet to have an accident in the house or destroy anything that wasn’t his own toy. We’ve got baby gates installed in the kitchen so he can run around freely in there while I get things done like cleaning the kitchen and folding the laundry (which is impossible with a puppy trying to steal your socks). We’ve started taking him outside to use the bathroom and he seems to enjoy it, even though I sure don’t, brr!

I’ve also been able to get some knitting done today. He had a busy morning of playing in the snow, eating some breakfast, and trying to get the peanut butter out of the middle of his bone. He’s finally having a little puppy nap so I can finally get some work done on my stripy socks for my mom’s belated birthday gift. They’re already 13 days late because I’ve been distracted with parties and sweaters and now puppies.

Now my battery is running low and I should probably go dig out the other power cable so I will leave you with this picture of adorableness.

Puppy Fever

I’m really sorry for the last few blog posts without pictures. Things have gotten busy (don’t ask which, I don’t want to come up with something), ideas have been floating around, and puppies are in the air! That’s right. I somehow convinced the Mr. to come see a puppy with me today. He’s a three month old mini Australian shepherd/pomeranian cross. He has one blue eye and one brown and was born on Halloween. He is the perfect dog for us! And I knew that if I could convince the Mr. to come see him, then that was it, the battle was won and we were getting a puppy!

I’m picking him up in an hour and am pretty excited. I just wanted to give you a quick update and not leave you hanging. There will be pictures in my next post and most likely of my new puppy.

P.S. We need a name for him. We want something nerdy and possibly video game related or something nerdy that has to do with his two different coloured eyes. I know it’s hard to name so here’s a picture the owners took.

It doesn’t count as a blog with a picture because I didn’t take that picture.
What do you think?

Possible Podcast?

I’ve been toying with the idea of starting a podcast, but since I don’t really have any followers here and it could be a lot of effort,  I’m not sure if that’s something that makes sense for me. I think it would be fun, and it might be worth it even if just my mom or other family members watched it, but they just aren’t interested in wool like I am.

If I do decided to do a podcast and post it to a website, should it be this website or a sister website? Any comments or ideas would be really appreciated!


I’ve decided to post my resolutions. This way I’m more accountable and I think this is a good thing. I have made and tried to keep resolutions before but I usually lose motivation a few months in. I’m not sure what that says about me. Am I just an unmotivated person, or do I just set my goals too high? This year, I’ve tried to keep things reasonable and practical.

Here it is:
1. Get fit and stay fit. I want to lose 10 or so pounds.
What I’m doing about this: 
I’ve gotten a new pair of running shoes, socks for running and some clothes. I’ve also gotten myself a gym membership and the Zombies, Run! app with an armband to keep my iPhone in place. I’m also making a real effort to eat better by limiting my red meat intake and focusing mostly on chicken and fish. This will give me the tools and the motivation to run and keep running.
2. Run at least one 5k race. 
What I’m doing about this:
See above!
3. Knit a sweater (or two)
What I’m doing about this:
I originally wanted to make Vivian by Ysolda Teague but it was a bit daunting. So, I’ve registered for the Cabled Sweater with Craftsy which is taught by Carol Feller. This is a different sweater, but I have enough yarn for this one as well and this should walk me through the construction of a sweater. If I run into any problems with this, I’m not left out to dry. I can ask my teacher for help at any point about anything. This must have been good for my confidence because I’ve already cast on and worked a but of the cables and I’m onto the waist shaping now!
4. Keep the house clean
What I’m doing about this:
Umm.. err.. yeah….
5. Finish my Clarus Shawl and start Lakeshore Shawl.
What I’m doing about this:
I’m distracted with my sweater now so nothing. But I do have the yarn and pattern for Lakeshore ready.
6. Double knit something!
What I’m doing about this:
Umm, I signed up for a Craftsy class and I’ll get to it when I finish with my sweater.
7. Design my own Shawl
What I’m doing about this:
I’ve signed up for a Craftsy class (getting repetitive, isn’t it?)
8. Design my own socks
What I’m doing about it:
Nothing yet, I just came up with that resolution. (and no, there isn’t a Craftsy class for that)
9. Come up with ten resolutions
What I’m doing about it:
Thinking up a tenth right now
10. Spin a plied lace-weight yarn
What I’m doing about this:
Practice, practice, practice!
This is the short list with the things that don’t include boring stuff like jobs and school which should inevitably happen anyways. If they don’t happen, then it would be because things out of my control happened. Everything on the list is within my control and requires a decent bit of motivation. I’m focusing the most on the health goals because they are the most important. You can’t knit unless you’re healthy. Here’s to hoping that I can get them all done!
What are your resolutions and how likely are you to keep them?

Happy (Belated) New Years!

I know I’m a little late but I had a number of other New Years Reservations that I needed to make good on first before I could come back and say hi. And don’t you get upset that I neglected you over the holidays. You should know by now that you shouldn’t poke the knitter between September and December. We’re prone to hand cramps, lack of sleep, small stab wounds and the such. And while most of these happened, I’m happy to say (and kind of brag, just a wee bit) that I was actually finished my Christmas knitting early. As in before Christmas. As in before December! Boo-yeah!

Now that that’s over here’s a teeny recap of what went on:
I was able to see my dad and step-mom in early November and since I wasn’t able to see them for actual Christmas I decided to get their things done early and gift them in person. Because you need to see the face of the recipient when you give a hand knit. 
I made my dad a pair of So Square Socks and they look like this.

I made my step-mom the My Wish shawl by Laura Linneman. And here’s the sneak peek I gave her. I forgot to take pictures. Oops.

Then there’s my mom’s gift of holy crap awesomeness! I spun some Gnome Acres Superwash Merino/Bamboo/Nylon roving in the Roller Derby Diva Colourway and made it into the Comfort Cowl.

Here’s the fluff and the finished cowl:

I’m really happy with how this turned out. It’s a two ply yarn that felt like it took forever but was totally worth it.

Next up are my sister’s gifts. She received a pair of socks and matching wrist warmers and a Mini Fox Stole by Tiny Owl Knits. The socks and wrist warmers are made up patterns and out of Knit Picks Felici in the Goth colourway.

The mini fox is on the left and is made from fingering weight yarn and Mr. Fox is on the right and made from Cascade 128 which is a bulky yarn.

I also managed to finish a pair of Monkey Socks by Cookie A. and an entrelac scarf for my friend.
This has been your mini update on what went down over the holiday season. I’ll try to keep up a regular blog schedule and possibly, maybe, start up a video podcast/vlog type of thing. But we shall see what the future holds. Next time: My actual New Years Reservations and what I’ve got on the needles.