Handmade stitch counters and markers!

I decided to make some simple stitch markers for a swap… and then it got out of hand.

While looking on etsy for inspiration, I came across beaded stitch counters and had to make some for myself! So after a trip to Michael’s and $50 later, I had all the supplies I needed… for a small knitting army.

 I started with this Pink Dragon’s egg counter. The beads already had hoops on the top and bottom so I just had to put the rings between them and add a dragon charm and I was done.

*To use it, you just start at the top or bottom loop and use that as your first row. Each time you move on to a new row, you move to the next ring to count up to 10 rows. The charm is so you know which end you started at*

Then I made some sets of stitch markers. I just used the same rings as the counters and added a bead and a charm. This is where it got a little out of hand…
I made way too many singles, and then I made an Alice in Wonderland set and a Halloween set.
After this I added a beaded tail to a clip to keep the sets on so I wouldn’t loose them. For the Halloween set I decided to add a clip stitch marker to the end of the tail to make the set equal 6.

I also made 2 witch markers from a set of earrings and added them to each set. This way I had a significantly different marker to mark the beginning of rounds if I was using more than one marker while knitting in the round. 
Here they are on my current sweater project 🙂
So, what do you think? I really liked making them and I love using them even more! I just can’t decide if I should add the to my Etsy shop or not. I would probably sell the counters for $12 and a set of 6 markers plus clip for $12 as well. Suggestions would be great.

Happy Crafting,

My Twilight Socks! (They don’t sparkle)

It took me about a month and 12-20 hours (I didn’t count since they were knit on the bus and other odd places) I finished my first pair of socks! And I’ve been bitten by the socks knitting bug! I used the twilight pattern from the two-at-a-time socks book and I’ve learnt a few things. I now have my two skeins of yarn in a ziplock bag with two holes out the bottom. This way they can’t roll around and get tangled which was the hardest part of knitting 2 socks at a time.
I also got stuck on the gusset decrease because I didn’t read and wasn’t sure which part of the sock was the instep so I had to put them down for a few days before I decided I should read the instructions. So I got that down and then it was all good. My favourite part was turning the heel though. It was like magic. I was just knitting along and BOOM! heel is done.
I made a few changes to the pattern. First, I shortened the ribbing because I got bored and wanted to get on with my socks. I also shortened the leg because I prefer ankle socks. But I knitted a medium size which turns out, is a size 10 mens and not a size 9 women’s so I had to give them to my fiancee. Good thing I didn’t knit my first pair in pink! Now I’m going to be knitting a second pair for my grandpa because he would really appreciate them. The stitch pattern is quite unisex, it really depends on the colour way you decide on and my fiancee thinks they’re more fun than other boring men’s socks and loves them! I guess I’ll have to see how long they last since he goes through other socks quite quickly.

Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween is my favourite event of the year to celebrate so I’ve decided to have a costume party at my place. I’ve had a half finished kimono in a bag somewhere but Ji says I’m not allowed to wear it as he won’t be able to match it. So I figured what better than a video game themed costume? I threw out the idea to go as lollipop chainsaw and Ji really liked it because he could go as a zombie, plus it’s a bit of a running joke. I’ll show you what it is and then you can get the joke a bit better.
First off, some concept art:

Yes, there are hearts on her chainsaw, and yes, you did see a head strapped to her chainsaw. That is the talking severed head of her boyfriend. Now you can kind of understand how ridiculous this game seems and yes, it looks terrible. But, it also look awesome in a terrible sort of way and I think it looks awesome because of how and it looks.

What could be more fun than mowing down zombies with a chainsaw that has hearts on it while following the advice of your boyfriend’s talking head that is strapped to the back of your chainsaw? Now much is the answer!

Now the most difficult part of this is going to be the chainsaw so there’s a good chance I won’t be able to finish this costume by Halloween but I plan on going to Otakon next year and this could be an awesome cosplay idea.


Here’s the trailer so you can see what I’m talking about.

Socktober 2011!

Yay it’s already october and with it comes Socktoberfest! A month long celebration of sock knitting. I’m currently working on my first pair of socks, only have about 4 inches to go in a top down pair. It’s already become apparent to me that sock knitting is highly addictive. You can knit around and around with nota care in the world, but then you need to pay attention to do a magical heel turn and some gusset decreases. After that you can stop paying attention again and blissfully knit along.

What I love about socks:

1. The yarn comes in so many colour ways, in a variety of fibers.
2. Good bang for your buck: You can have a pair of socks for $10 of yarn and it’s really nice yarn too.
    3. Portable. You can knit them anywhere if you’ve packed them properly. I’m knitting two at a time and put the two skeins in a small bag so the yarn doesn’t tangle and I can put my unfinished socks in the bag while travelling.
    4. There are so many gorgeous patterns and you can try new techniques on them. Afraid to try an intricate lace pattern on a huge shawl? Give it a go on a pair of socks to get comfortable with it first.
    5. There’s just something about it. Socks are a great knit and there’s just something mystical about a heel turn to me.

My Goals for Socktober:
1. Finish my Twilght socks from Two-at-a-time socks.
2. Start and finish Monkey by Cookie A.
3. Start a 3rd pair of socks.

Happy sock knitting,

Swap Projects!

I signed up for the Givers and Needers Swap on Craftster where someone gives a box of craft supplies and the receiver of that box sends a thank you. Well I looked at my partners Pintrest and she had this headband pinned. The pattern was very vague and confusing so I asked for help on the Craftster knitting board and got an answer. I’m going to cast on tonight and hopefully I can finish it up in a week to get onto making some more Monsta items for my etsy shop.

Happy Crafting,

New Knitting Project!

Since my New Years resolution to be more active was crushed as badly as my broken tailbone was in January it hasn’t happened yet. In an attempt to get this health thing going before the wedding I signed up for yoga and got the mat needed to do the activity. What better way to help myself get motivated for Yoga than knit a new yoga mat bag! I’m using this Pattern and some Red Heart Collage yarn in the Wood Trail Colourway. I’m only a few inches and pattern repeats in so it probably won’t be finished for some weeks but this and my socks will give me some knitting goodness before I’ll let myself start my Burnished Tunic.

My adventures in blocking

I splurged and bought some Malabrigo yarn and knitted myself up a cowl. It was amazing to knit, so fun and soft. It’s been on the needles forever waiting to be cast off. Well tonight I finally did it and then came the blocking. What?? You want me to put this expensive yarn and time intensive WOOL project on a bath tub full of WARM water. You’ve gotta be   f***ing with me!! But I cleaned and filled the tub. Took a last picture of my fuzzy creation and dunked it into the tub being careful not to shake it up too much and then I sat on the couch and had a panic attack for 5 minutes. “What have I done?” “Will it ever forgive me?” “Is blocking all that necessary?” Then I went and rescued my cowl from it’s watery grave and surprisingly, it was ok! Then I put it on a towel and rolled it up and squished it out and stabbed it to my ironing board. I can still hear its screams from my dining room. But I know by tomorrow when it’s stitches have had some time to calm down, it will forgive me and we’ll have a glorious winter together.

Welcome to my page!

Just wanted to put up a quick welcome. I used to be Ilianora then PenguinSoup on wordpress but I wasn’t able to customize my blog as much as I wanted so now I’m here. I love to knit, but I also sew, crochet, and just about anything else I need to do to complete a project. I plan to post my projects here (wether they’re my pattern or not, and I’ll always let you know where I got the idea or pattern from) as well as my ideas for new ones, and tutorials I come up with.