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FOs: Ginny: None Carolyn: I Believe Shawl WIPs: Ginny: Monkeys by Cookie A Saltwater Taffy on Emperor from PenguinSoup Chasing Rainbows by Boo Knits April Showers on Adelie Lace from PenguinSoup Swatches Watermelon Wishes on Tuxedo Royal Lightning on Emperor Carolyn: Havelock by Shulaine White Bannock by Bristol Ivy Shoals Tank by Bostick Hoge What’s Next? […]


HOs: Monkeys by Cookie A Saltwater Taffy from PenguinSoup on Emperor WIPs: Chasing Rainbows by Boo Knits April Showers from PenguinSoup on Adelie Lace Next: Vorticity by Alice Yu Spyro – Dragons Wing from A Stash Addict Soctopus Knitalong? Ravelry: Chasing Rainbows KAL April 1-31 Arenaria Tank KAL May 1-30 AMA: Q: What was the […]


FOs: Nightsong 3.75mm needles PenguinSoup Adelie Sock in Murex Orchids & Fairylights by Tiny Owl Knits 4.5mm needles PenguinSoup Antarctic Worsted in Robin’s Egg WIPs: Chasing Rainbows by Boo Knits 4.0mm needles PenguinSoup Adelie Lace in April Showers Monkey Socks by Cookie A 2.5mm needle PenguinSoup Emperor Sock in Saltwater Taffy Spinning: None! Whats Next?: […]


FOs: None WIPs: Gail aka nightsong PenguinSoup Adelie in Murex Spinning: None! Whats Next?: Chasing Rainbows by Boo Knits Orchids & Fairy lights by Tiny Owl Knits Cool Stuff: Macbook is working! VKNs again. Mail Call: Orderd Hiya Hiya needles Sold Personal for A5 New inserts Markers form uli Ravelry: Ask me Anything VKN’s at […]